Helpful seating options


With Easyliving's Multifunction and Lifter Range you get true independence with a touch of a button putting you in charge of your customized comfort.

Relaxer Lift Chair

Our motorized relaxer with its practical 2 button wand enables you to raise the footrest and recline effortlessly. Then with a touch of a button the chair can gently lift. Two space saving sizes available for that perfect fit.

Multi-function Lift Chair

The Multi-function (dual motor) Relaxer with its 5 button controller enables you to operate the back and footrest independently coupled with full lift function.

All models are offered in Relaxer and Multi-function versions to give you the ultimate in choice.Easy.

Fabric or Leather 

As our needs vary in terms of both practicality and decor, Easyliving have a wide range of Fabric and Leather in which to cover your new chair. Be bold or blend into your existing colour scheme, you choose!

Matching Sofas and Lounge

To complete your room each design have matching 2 and 3 seater sofas. Many of the Sofas and Chairs have height adjustable headrests and with 2 sizes available in each model. Whether you are small or large in stature, there is sure to be a seat perfect for you.

Lift chairs assist seating