Build your dream sofa for lasting comfort



Stressless brings a modern aproach to timeless design, which can be tailored to fit into urban invironments as well as traditional surroundings.

All sofas adjust to your body as soon as you take a seat. A variety of patented mechanisims provide a blend of support and comfort that Stressless have become renowned for and ready for you to experience.

In fact a sofa should provide the best possible sitting experience. It involves much more than a comfortable seat. It should adapt and move with you, one that feels just as good as it looks.


Sofas with Power

Latest from the Stressless stable. The sleek contempoary lines of the Emily or the sumptuous gentle curves of the Stressless Mary both engineered with the same tested features but targeted to different interiors.

Individual seat modules can be fitted with motors for effortless adjusting of back and leg support. All seats have integrated head adjustment for a perfect sitting position.


Sofas with BalanceAdapt

The perfect gathering place adapts to everyone. The Stressless BalanceAdapt system allows the sofa to respond to your movements, adjusting the seat as you lean forward or back. When the occasion calls for a regular sofa, simply lock the function in place to stop the seat from moving.

Sofas with Plus System

Patented and incorporated into all of Stressless's swivel chairs, the industry awarded Plus System carries through into a range of sofas. Whether sitting up or reclining the system automatically adjusts your lower back and head, in all positions. No buttons, no wires just good support. Here are two of the models, Wave and Buckingham.


Sofas with ComfortZones

Scandinavian design is all about clean lines and cool elegance. The Fiona, Copenhagen and Emma embodies this philosophy without sacrificing any of the comfort you come to expect from this legendary brand.

Incorporating patented ComfortZones within cold cured foams, your seat will never sag and the rake varies as you sit back providing a more comfortable sitting postion than standard cushioning.

Styling comes in many forms with a selection of upholstery choices, wood finishes or steel details. Even choose the size the choice is yours!