It's time to take a break.

 stella sofa

 It's important to make room in your home, both mentally and physically, where you can forget about all the must-do's and just be.

Our Stressless furniture is designed with your body in mind. That's why we make the most comfortable chairs, sofas and dining chairs in the world. We can help you sit down and relax in the most comfortable way possible, you just have to make space for that to happen.

Easyliving are proud to be a founding stockist of Stressless in Australia. The huge range on display covers recliners, sofas, luxurious corner suites, office chairs, dining and home cinema seating all made to Norwegian exacting European standards.


The innovators of comfort.

Under the surface of supple leather and cozy fabric lies true engineering genius.

Unique features include the Plus System® which automatically adjusts your head and lumbar support as you recline. These features have now been recognized with seating approved by the Australian Chiropractic association. 

Chiropractors association endorsed 

Innovation is the key to keeping Stressless the World's best recliner brand.

The unique ErgoAdapt® system in an extensive range of sofas, tilts the seat as you sit down - providing the perfect degree of comfort and support. Here the seat 'reclines' not the back.

In addition, the recently introduced BalanceAdapt system on individual chairs ensures perfectly balanced seating by adjusting your seats rake in conjunction with the movements of your body without the need for levers or handles. Using a gentle rocking motion the seat adjusts to longer or shorter legs before you recline. 

The big innovation is the LegComfort system with an integrated footrest, hidden until required and adaptable to your your own leg length. Perfect for smaller rooms this motorized feature comes with a wireless lithium battery - in keeping with today's easy lifestyle. Available in both chairs and select sofa models.

And the latest, Stressless dining. The world's first comfortable dining chair. Incorporating the BalanceAdapt system, the chairs tilt and glide allowing the seat and backrest to adjust automatically to all your body's small movements. With a choice of back height, leg style and upholstery design you now don't need to compromise on dining comfort either. Also perfect option for a compact Office Chair. . . . .

Comfort on wheels with our Stressless Office chairs. Every model in the recliner range comes as an office chair giving you the ultimate in choice. Synchronised neck and lumbar support sets these chairs apart making them the perfect work partner.

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