Sofa Beds


 Sleep well in an Easyliving sofa bed - whether short or long term. 



We have all experienced a sofa bed which may start off as a dream but ends up a nightmare. Whether used as a normal couch or as a bed, they sag and squeak and make you feel the floor is a far better option.


Easyliving have sourced a Sofa bed mechanism regarded as the best available.


From across the channel in New Zealand, this mechanism boasts timber slat support, high density foams and a smooth roller mechanism. 


 Unique features: 

Sofas proudly made in Western Australia

Solid timber frame/ply/structural Jarrah

Dunlop Enduro foam - lifetime Guarantee

10 year structural Guarantee

Your choice of over 500 quality fabrics

Available in double or queen size


If space is an issue, Easyliving have Bed ottoman's using the same trio bed action providing a longer sleeping area. 


With so many options of design and arm widths, come instore to explore your options and check what suits your needs. Easy.