How to Care and Maintain your furniture

All furniture whether leather or Fabric will last longer, look and perform better when preventative maintenance is practised. Direct sunlight and in home heat sources should also be avoided.


Do not use any traditional household cleaning products to remove stubborn stains.

Certain cosmetics and body care products contain solvent and oils. These products are not beneficial to leather, as they may weaken the leather finish over time. Avoid using your leather furniture with wet hair or freshly applied hair care products or cosmetics. To avoid build up of these products, please clean regularly as described below. Note the more furniture is used the more cleaning is required.


  • Maintain surface appearance and texture by wiping your leather with a clean dry cloth or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Weekly to Monthly - dependant on use

  • Using a recommended upholstery leather cleaner follow instructions supplied and clean using a soft sponge or cloth ( not micro fibre). Remove excess and re-clean as required.
  • Leave leather to dry. Apply recommended conditioner and protector to surface evenly. Repeat on heavy use areas such as arms and headrest. Buff once dry.


All fabrics wether in natural, synthetic or microfibers will benefit from certain simple routines enabling you to preserve their beauty.


All fabrics are subject to abrasion from regular use. Dust weekly using a vacuum with soft brush attachment.


Clean regularly even when not looking soiled. Soiling and sweat will penetrate over time and cause discolouration plus reducing resistance of fibres.

We recommend Fabric treatments that not only protect fibres but assist to dissolve soiling while cleaning. 


A variety of products are available to clean protect your furniture. Everything from ink, lipstick, glue and fatty stains to removal of transfer colours such as blue jeans.

A wide selection of care products are available at Easyliving from full Leather and Fabric care kits to individual products. For a professional to assess or conduct remedial work in your home we can provide a tecnician who lives close to you and recomended by our suppliers.  


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