Why do Sofa beds sag ?

Sofa bed. Moran.

Why do Sofa beds sag ?

A good nights sleep is important but sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable. Unfortunately sofa beds tend to be viewed as an extra piece of furniture so we compromise on quality and pay the price in the long term. 

We suggest you look for an inner sprung mattress and solid steel mechanism. With extra stress on the sofa frame, the manufacturer should also have upgraded its structure to factor in extra weight and movement. 

Size should also be a factor in your buying decision. Sofa beds come in both double and queen size with minimum size between arms of 1500mm. When adding a set of arms, overall size can equate to a 'two and three quarter size' sofa. Larger than we associate with a standard sofa length. If positioning your new sofa in a spare room, be aware of access. Many a sofa bed becomes a round peg in a square hole - not fitting through a standard doorway.

Finally you want choice. After choosing your design, don't comprise on cover. Having an selection of leathers or fabrics will ensure you get the look you want.

Oh there is one more thing. For some reason we don't plan to get a sofa bed - we want one now to satisfy a short term need. Sorry but if you are after a 'better' bed - you will need to wait. In most cases yours will need to be made so allow current manufacture times into the mix.

Happy shopping from all of us here at Easyliving !