What are cold cured molded foams?

Benefits of cold cured molded foams.

What are cold cured molded foams?


One of the biggest innovations in upholstery furniture has been the use of cold cured foams.

Previously only available on fixed theatre seating or car seats, some factories have moved to this technology with the benefits of holding their shape for the entire life of the foam. Although more expensive to manufacture the uptake of this innovation has meant a revolution within the industry.

  • Cold cured molded foam has a skin that reduces air escaping and maintains a permanent shape.
  • Cushions are molded, holding their shape for the entire life of the foam.
  • Cold curing the foam, as the name suggests, is produced without the application of heat.
  • Coventional block foam has a density between 20 to 36KG per M3 vs molded foam which is 50-55kg per M3.
  • The benefit of density is longevity alleviating the problems of 'sagging' seats over time.

cold cured molded foam

Larger companies such as the Ekornes group ( Stressless and IMG brands )have used this technology for a number of years earning praise from within the industry including international awards for excellence.

Stressless has taken the process a step further. With the higher density of molded foam, seating can tend to be hard. The use of Comfort Zones (patent pending) foams are perforated when molded directly over a steel frame, thereby allowing you to sink deeper into the seat and back for improved seating comfort.

Look for brands using this technology. The benefits far out way the small premium paid for these products at time of purchase.